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There are few things more powerful than a new insight – those profound moments where we forget ourselves and see the world differently. When we experience these moments, we may feel inspired to change the way we think, act or treat people.

The purpose of this outlet is to share insights from great thinkers. You can expect to see episodes from my podcast Tuesdays with Morrisey that hosts interviews with authors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders on topics ranging from work, relationships and the pursuit of meaning. I’ll also be sharing essays, articles and poems on similar topics.

I encourage you to reach out if anything resonates with you or if you see an opportunity for collaboration.

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I am a thinker, learner and connecter based in Austin, Texas - I have spent a considerable amount of time engaged in reading and mentorship. It is an honor to share some of what I’ve learned.

In my professional life, my career started at one of the consulting firms before joining the ranks of the entrepreneurs at a growth stage investment firm and, currently, at a rapidly growing technology startup.

I deeply involved in giving back through a mix 1 on 1 volunteering and non-profit board leadership.

To me, life doesn’t have to be separated between work and play, it’s just an integrated experience and a chance us to have fun, admire beauty and reach our potential.

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Here is a recent picture of me taken after summiting Mount Snowmass near Marble, Colorado. It was a grueling hike and a reminder of my love / hate relationship with hiking - Snowmass is considered the most challenging class three 14-er in Colorado.

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Sharing insights from great thinkers


Thinker, learner and connector. Exploring concepts related to conscious leadership and approachable spirituality.